Space + pte ltd initially started out with smartwindows™ as the sole product of the company. We have been in this market since 2011 and have adequate understanding on customer’s needs and requirements. smartwindow™ is not approved by the Government authority department such as URA, HDBs, and the MCST of condominium management in all Singapore’s residential.

Since 2011, we have installed quite a number of units widely spread across Singapore. Near the end of 2014, our clients received legal letter from BCA and the MCST management to dismantle the glass curtain within a week, some of them even went to court and lost the case.

Therefore, In 2014, we brought in a new product, Ziptrak blinds. Ziptrak blinds is a motorized system which provides protection against wind, rain, dust and insects. It also acts as a safety system to prevent your child from lifting up the bottom beam. We are proud to present a product that enables consumers to enjoy the natural scenery surrounding their homes, creating a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor living. Entertaining friends and bonding families.